Rivers is a diverse community of believers from varied walks of life, united by one common passion and person: Jesus. Here is a snapshot of testimonies from some of our church members.

My wife and I, and our three children have been attending Rivers Church of Christ for over 10 years. We were drawn here by the strong biblical teaching, a love for the Lord’s Word, combined with solid scriptural worship and a friendly and warm atmosphere. Our children were quite young when we started here, at […]

I grew up in the wild west of Sydney but came to follow Jesus in my late teen years when I moved to Brisbane. I attended a number of camps and retreats and I saw God working in other people’s lives and he changed my heart throughout that time! I really experienced God’s love through […]

I came to faith when I was sixteen. I had been raised in an atheistic household where I was taught that logic and reason couldn’t align with faith. But I also struggled with anxiety and depression from an early age; it got to a point where I questioned my existence, I needed reassurance that my […]

We moved to Dakabin 10 years ago. We had been on our farm in NSW and it was a big change for us. We love living here, and having our daughter and her family close by is amazing, but going to the Rivers Church helped us to settle in very quickly. We have been Christians […]