My wife and I, and our three children have been attending Rivers Church of Christ for over 10 years. We were drawn here by the strong biblical teaching, a love for the Lord’s Word, combined with solid scriptural worship and a friendly and warm atmosphere. Our children were quite young when we started here, at the ages of 8, 6 and 4, and they progressed through the Sunday School program, now called Rivers Kids, and are now all Christ following teenagers. We all help out with various activities in the church including the worship team and the Rivers Kids program. Often our children prefer to attend the night service for the different atmosphere it provides, and they have regularly invited their friends to attend.
We have been thoroughly blessed by our time at Rivers, having made many friends, learned a great deal, and enjoyed the worship, and fellowship of being part of God’s family. Over the years we have certainly seen many changes, including the leadership teams, pastors, outreach programs, extensions to buildings, refurbishing, and the amazing growth of God’s kingdom. We have truly witnessed the concept of Knowing, Growing and Going in action and it has been wonderful to see the Lord at work in this His church and beyond.